Powder coated aluminum is a beautiful and durable material for outdoor furniture. It is lightweight, corrosion resistant and very good looking. Powder coating is a polyester based coating that uses uniformly sized micro-beads of polyester, electrostatically charged to adhere to base materials. The coating is thick like an epoxy paint, but because it is electrostatically charged and then baked/cured onto the base material, it doesn’t flake or peel like paint or epoxy. The color is softer than comparable colors and the depth of the coating is larger.

Aluminum by its nature does not rust. It will not have red/brown rust colors like untreated steel can have; instead, it will oxidize into a cloudy and white powdery finish over a long period of time in adverse conditions. To protect against this oxidation, we utilize high quality aluminum to begin with and powder-coat it using the above process. The seal formed on the outside of the aluminum acts as a protective layer against corrosion and creates a uniform and beautiful finish on the aluminum.

Powder Coated Aluminum

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